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We provide specialized technologies and services used in site assessment and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.  Many of the same technologies are deployed in mining, industrial and municipal applications. 


A combination of our own products and those of leading international firms are used to offer a unique and wide ranging capability in technologies, design, installation and maintenance services.  Clients are welcomed to select all or part of our offering to compliment their own resources and strengths.  


From our base in Melbourne, ERR operates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 


Our customised approach is underpinned by high standards in quality, safety, environmental care and ethics.  


We are pleased to introduce a selection of our partner brands:

Products Overview


  • Groundwater and process water treatment:
    • air strippers for removal of dissolved VOCs
    • liquid filter vessels & adsorption media
  • Vapour phase treatment of VOCs
    • catalytic oxidisers
    • refrigerated condensation
    • internal combustion engine
    • vapour filter vessels & adsorption media
  • Gas powered thermal remediation: in-situ and ex-situ
  • Mobile plant for soil vapour extraction and multiphase extraction
  • Pneumatic pumps for:
    • product skimming - LNAPL or DNAPL
    • plume control or extraction of dissolved phase or dual phase
    • low flow sampling
    • well development
    • landfill leachate recovery
  • Surfactants and chemical oxidation


Site characterization tools and services

  • Passive soil gas surveys
  • Vapor PinTM, sub slab vapour sampling device
  • Groundwater flow mapping with geophysics
  • Microbial diagnostics and microcosm studies
  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring devices



  • Remedial system design
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Operator training
  • Independent reviews and expert technical support:
    • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development
    • Hydrogeologic modelling
    • Professional opinion statements
    • Litigation support