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Selected Applications
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Stay tuned for an insight into how our products and technologies used in the remediation industry are of value to other applications in the mining, industrial and municipal sectors.


Selected examples:




Mapping subsurface groundwater flow paths

  • identify location of leaks from surface water bodies by mapping subsurface groundwater flow paths 
  • acid mine drainage 
  • geothermal mapping and monitoring
  • oil field steam injection plume mapping



Willowstick Technologies



Removal of dissolved volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • municipal water treatment systems
  • industrial waste water streams

Air Stripper Systems




Treatment of waste streams (water or air) for removal of contaminants by filter media adsorption


Filter Vessels & Filter Media

Liquid  or  Vapour



Treatment of industrial process air streams, by thermal destruction, to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the vapour phase



Catalytic Oxidation




 ….& many more…under construction


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