EPA Victoria's HazWaste Fund Supports Refrigerated Condensation Unit


ERR is pleased to have successfully obtained funding from EPA Victoria's HazWaste Fund to import, and demonstrate to the Victorian market, one pilot scale C3 Refrigerated Condensation Unit (C3 RCU). C3 RCU combines Soil Vapour Extraction with proprietary off gas treatment technology that utilises cryogenic-cooling and compression processes. The technology allows the recovery of liquid phase contaminants, which may then either be reused or recycled.


The HazWaste Fund is designed to support industry to accelerate reductions in the volume and hazard of hazardous waste generated in Victoria, and to increase remediation of contaminated soils. See EPA Victoria site for more information.


The C3 RCU is designed to treat petrochemical or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Notable features:

  • No air dilution is required for vapour streams - cleanup time is dramatically reduced
  • Normally between 97-99.9% removal of VOCs (constituent dependant) and optional polishing of residual VOCs through GAC if required
  • Chlorinated applications do not require back end scrubbers
  • No equipment purchase is required. Rental terms are supported by minimum uptime guarantees


After 20 years of proven success in the USA, the C3 RCU technology is now available for use in Victoria for the first time!  Click here for more information and case studies on C3 RCU technology.