Remediation Applications - Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) and Multiphase Extraction (MPE)

Mobile SVE, MPE, Pilot Trial Unit
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  • Soil vapour extraction (SVE) or multi-phase extraction (MPE) -  mobile plant for short term remedial applications


  • Soil pile venting


  • Pilot trials - obtain data for design of full scale remedial systems:
    • Well yields:  vapour, liquid, vacuum
    • Radius of influence
    • Sampling vapour and liquid phases under field extraction conditions 


Features and Specifications


  • Roots vacuum blower 5.5kW, with air dilution and vacuum relief
    Maximum air flow 300 Nm3/hour @ zero vacuum;  
    Maximum vacuum -50 kPa,  air flow approx 120 m3/hour.    At air vacuum of -25kPa, air flow is approx 215 m3/hour
  • Liquid-vapour separator (LVS) two stage with demister
    Sight glass with three level sensors for automated control of discharge pump and High-High shut off
  • Liquids transfer pump,  automatic or manual operation
    Typical flow rate: 
    30-40 LPM,  variable with operating vacuum on LVS
  • Air-Air heat exchanger on vapour stream after blower discharge,  
    cooling vapour stream to near ambient temperature prior entering GAC drums
  • Granulated activated carbon, vapour phase (V-GAC) filter drums for treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in vapour stream: 2 x 200L drums, each containing 70kg V-GAC
  • Data points for monitoring pressure, air flow, sampling and temperature (ambient and vapour stream prior to entering GAC)
  • Safety measures built in:  ExE motors, wiring for Zone 2, vacuum relief, E-stop 
  • Power requirements:   3 Phase 415 V, 50 Hz.  Power lead: 20 Amps socket with neutral (5 pin).
    10 meter power lead and a phase rotation adaptor comes with the unit
    If a generator is required, minimum capacity needed is 20 kVA



Ordering Information


Our mobile unit is available for hire periods of one day to several months


Optional components and services include:

  • Hotwire anemometer for air flow monitoring
  • Operator for set up, training or assistance over complete trial events
  • Liquid collection and disposal


Contact us for further information or a proposal

Manufacturer / Principal

Mobile Unit for SVE, MPE, Pilot Trials
Mobile Unit for SVE, MPE, Pilot Trials
Mobile Unit, front view
Mobile Unit, front view