Remediation Applications - Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) and Multiphase Extraction (MPE)

Liquid-Vapour Separator
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Separation of liquid and vapour phases for soil vapour extraction (SVE) or multi-phase vacuum extraction (MPE) systems.


Features and Specifications


  •  Two stage separation
    • Gravity knockout of liquids from multiphase stream
    • Demister removes droplets >20 microns
  • Stainless Steel construction - no rust or scale in liquids discharge
  • Liquids collection in base with baffles for sensor stability 
  • Flanged connection of top dome to enable cleaning of demister
  • High vacuum  rating
  • Port sizes and location custom fitted to suit your application




Most applications are suited to the LVS-475-SS.

Units can be custom fabricated to suit client requirements regarding air flow, vacuum, port sizing and positions.


Please contact us for further information and pricing.

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LVS-475 Stainless
LVS-475 Stainless