Remediation Applications - Groundwater Extraction and Plume Control

Auto Isolator 400 Total Fluids Pump
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Total Fluids recovery with no contact between drive air and recovered fluids
Includes recovery of dual phase or only dissolved phase


All pneumatic pump, piston operation, variable speed, controllerless

For 100mm or larger diameter wells


Features and Specifications


  • No contact between compressed air and contaminated groundwater.
    • Vent / exhaust from the pump does not contain VOC’s.
    • Groundwater containing minerals will not precipitate at surface unless aerated for treatment.
  • Bottom suction intake enables well to be pumped almost dry (if required).
  • Intake vacuum approx -70 kPa.
  • Built-in air logic valve enables auto cycling - no need for separate controller unless required for special level control.
  • Flow rate adjustment enabled by pump speed, air pressure, and fluids discharge head.
  • Down-well drain valve for release of water out of pump - reducing pump weight for operators lifting to surface.


Flow Rate:                


Up to maximum 30 Litres per minute
Can be slowed to < 1 Litre per min 
Controlled by pump speed, air pressure and fluids discharge head.

Operating Pressure:

Up to 125 psi
Common operation at around 60-80 psi, 

Air Consumption:     


Range of <1 to 4 m3/hour per pump, depending on pump speed settings and air pressure

Air Quality:

Must be dry and clean, 5-10 micron filter.
Recommend refrigerated drier and oil coalescing filter




  • Above ground programmable controller for regulation of pumping periods.
    Commonly used with water level sensor for plume control or dissolved phase recovery.


Ordering Information


Please contact us for recommendations based on your site requirements.  


Useful site information will include:

  • description of application requirements 
  • depth to groundwater, presence of free phase hydrocarbon
  • site geology and/or data on potential recovery rate, yields
  • existing recovery well diameters and total depth
Manufacturer / Principal

Auto Isolator Total Fluids Pump, 100mm wells
Auto Isolator Total Fluids Pump, 100mm wells
Controller (optional) for Multiple Pumps
Controller (optional) for Multiple Pumps