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Well Development Pump
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Pneumatic air displacement pump for well development or purging


Features and Specifications


  • For use in 50mm or larger wells
  • Depth to 70 meters, flow rates up to 10 LPM (2.5 GPM)
  • Air consumption: up to 0.5m3/hr per LPM pumped (1 CFM per GPM pumped)
  • Air pressure required: minimum of 275kPa (40psi), maximum 860kPa (125psi)
  • Air filter/regulator is required to ensure air supply to the controller is clean and dry
  • Compressor or gas bottles can be used
  • Pump can be used as a surge block in 50mm wells
  • Quick exhaust valve (optional) - for enancing flow rate in applications where the well is very deep or if the controller must be located a long distance from the well head
  • Standard hoses are 3/8″ ID.  Barb fittings on pump and controller. Larger hoses are recommended for deep applications




  • Simple operation with excellent performance in very silty conditions
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning at regular intervals if solids are high
  • Compact and light, very robust


Ordering Information


Item No. Description
TR-602 Arch Pump™ 1.65″ x 32″ with 3/8″ fittings
TR-600 Pneumatic Controller for Arch Pump™
TR-748 Coalescing Filter Assembly with Regulator
TR-755 Quick Exhaust Valve 3/8″ (optional)
TR-603 Repair Kit (check balls and O-rings)
Manufacturer / Principal

Arch Pump
Arch Pump
Controller for Arch Pump
Controller for Arch Pump
Performance Chart - Arch Pump
Performance Chart - Arch Pump