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Treatment of contaminated groundwater or other liquid waste streams
by adsorption of contaminants through filtration media


Wide range of applications in groundwater remediation and treatment of industrial waste water streams.  

  • primary treatment of dissolved or residual free phase hydrocarbon contaminants in groundwater, after oil water separation
  • secondary (polishing) effluent waste streams before discharge to sewer of trade waste
  • secondary treatment of air stripper effluent water
  • many more .... 



Features and Specifications


Standard features of all filter vessels includes: carbon steel construction; internal air distribution by piping; epoxy internal coating; skid mounting with forklift slots.


A range of standard size vessels suit most applications.    Custom sizing is available.





  • Working pressure up to 520kPa
  • Wide range in vessel capacities: GAC holding capacity and water flow: 
    • from 'small'  - water flow 10 - 60 Litres/min,  200L Drums, 0.6m diameter, bed volume 0.2m3
    • to 'large'  -  water fow 140 - 860 Litres/min, 2.1 m diameter vessels, bed volume 5.6m3 
  • Standard internal fluids distribution via PVC piping.   
  • Downward flow of process fluids




  • Modified shipping containers
  • Water flow and bed volumes:      
    • L20:  modfied 20' container 
      water flow 27 - 160 m3 / hour, media bed volume approx 19m3,  
    • L40:  modfied 40' container
      water flow 58 - 345 m3 / hour, media bed volume approx 34m3,  
  • Upward process flow




  • ORGANOCLAY - modified clay media
    • Designed to remove dispersed, emulsified and dissolved hydrocarbons from waste water streams.
    • Several grades tailored to suit various applications.
    • Non-swelling.
    • Commonly used downstream of oil water separators for removing the majority of contaminant mass, followed by GAC filters for polishing water prior to discharge.
    • High adsorption capacity of organoclay, 50-70% of dry weight, enables significant overall savings by reducing the changeout frequency of downstream GAC vessles.


  • ZEOLITE - clay media for ion exchange 
    •  A variety of applications including removal of low concentration dissolved metals 


    • For removal of dissolved hydrocarbons.
    • Most suited for short chain hydrocarbons at low concentration.
    • Virgin GAC and reactivated GAC available.




Vessel capacities and filter media selections are based on specific project parameters. 


Please contact us to discuss your application details, including:

  • Process description
  • Water flow rate
  • Contaminants of concern
  • Contaminant concentrations:  influent and target effluent
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Pressure Vessel - Liquid Filtration
Pressure Vessel - Liquid Filtration
L20 Gravity Filter Process Connections
L20 Gravity Filter Process Connections
L40 Gravity Filter Internal Piping
L40 Gravity Filter Internal Piping