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Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR)
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Gas powered thermal conductive heating of impacted soils 

for complete, rapid and cost effective remediation of organic contamination

In-situ and Ex-situ


How it Works




Technology Snapshot


Technically....Why Thermal Works:

  • Vapour pressure of organics increases
  • Viscosity of free phase contaminant decreases
  • Sorption coefficients of dissolved contaminants decreases
  • Diffusion rates increase
  • Narrow range in thermal conductivity between soil types
  • Solubility increases
  • Abiotic degradation increases
  • Pyrolysis can occur
  • Oxidation can occur

Contaminants Treated:

  • All VOCs and SVOCs
  • PAHs
  • Long chain Hydrocarbons
  • Tar
  • Mercury
  • Dioxins
  • Pesticides, Fertilizers and POPs
  • PCBs


When to Consider Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR)


  • For Rapid Schedules:  Real Estate / Brownfields Transactions
  • Anytime Thermal Treatment is Considered (ERH, ISTD, ex-situ)
  • When Guarantees Of Performance And/Or Schedule Are Required
  • Anytime Excavation & Off Site Disposal is Considered
  • For Source Zone Remediation
  • Former MGP Sites
  • PCB / POP Impacted Soils
  • Complex Lithologies
  • Where The Contaminant Can Be Used As A Fuel Source For Heat Generation (GTR+F)





  • Rapid treatment times:  weeks or months, not years
  • Fixed competitive pricing with remediation guarantee options
  • Scalable
  • No excavation/transport of soils off site
  • No soil movement:  no odour or dust
  • Advanced vapour treatment options
  • No power utility upgrades needed (subject to vapour treatment options)





GEO's combined resources in Europe and America:

  • Completed over 40 projects (in-situ and ex-situ)
  • 8 milliion tons of soil treated by thermal desorption
  • 5 million litres of VOCs extracted/treated from in-situ zones
  • Technical staff have over 2 decades of experience in thremal desoprtion and in-situ remediation


See case studies in the 'Resources' tab on this page



Project Evaluation


Please contact us for further information and evaluation of your site for application of Gas Thermal Remediation



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