Remediation Applications - Landfill Leachate & Condensate Recovery

SRX-LP Landfill Leachate pump
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Pneumatic submersible pump for recovery of leachate and gas condensate in landfill applications


Features and Specifications


  • Recovery from depths up to 60 meters and temperatures to 120°C
  • Auto cycling/controllerless. An internal float responds to fluid level in the pump body to activate cycling of the air inlet and air exhaust
  • Flow rate up to approximately 30 LPM.  Performance is affected by pump submergence, depth, air pressure, diameter of air exhaust and fluid discharge lines
  • Air pressure guide: 11kPa per meter of head pressure (0.5 psi per foot of head)
  • Air consumption guide: maximum 0.5 Nm3/hour per LPM pumped (1 CFM per GPM pumped)
  • Standard pump body dimensions: 1 meter long x 89 mm diameter
  • Materials of construction: stainless steel, viton, buna-N, nylon, hydlar, ebonite, neodymium iron (magnets)




  • Multiple design improvements offer better up-time arising from:
    • reliable operation
    • rapid turnaround time for routine maintenance and cleaning. Dismantling for regular cleaning takes five minutes and needs just one spanner. The entire process can be done in well less than one hour — in the field!
  • Very competitive pricing for the pump. Spare parts at minimal cost.
  • Fewer parts = lower inventory


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A variety of accessories are available to suit your application - see details at the Landfill Pumps web site 

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Landfill Pump
Landfill Pump
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Well Seal
SRX-LP Easy Maintenance!
SRX-LP Easy Maintenance!