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F.A.P. Plus Skimmer
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Active skimming system and recovery of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL)

in groundwater bores 50mm or greater, trenches and tanks.


Features and Specifications


  • Flexible Axial Peristaltic (F.A.P. PlusTM )  pump.
    Recovers a wide range of product types through 50mm or larger wells and trenches. Depths up to 60 meters.
  • Zero Water Shut Off (“ZW”) is a unique feature preventing entry of water to storage tanks by stopping the pump automatically when water level rises to the upper limit of the skimmer travel. Restarting is automatic when the water level falls below the upper limit of skimmer travel.
  • Adjustable cycling frequency - optional. Range from a cycle per 5 seconds to a cycle per 2 minutes.
  • Tank-Full Shut-Off device (optional) all pneumatic. Shuts off air supply to pumps when product storage vessel fills.
  • Easy & accurate skimmer installation and height adjustment – without the need for an interface probe
  • Product inlets (hydrophobic element and bypass element) are positioned within the product by a density float that travels in a range of 0.95m with changes in the standing water level.
  • Standard hydrophobic element handles all common fuels including ULP and un-degraded diesel. Alternative skimmers are available for higher viscosity product such as oils.
  • Pumping capacity up to 45 LPH in bypass mode for ULP or similar viscosity. Well recharge is always the primary limiting factor for product recovery rate.
  • Air pressure range: 420 – 700 kPa (60 - 100 psi)
  • Air consumption guide:   
    • at 420kPa, air consumption is in the range of 0.05 – 1.0 Nm3/hour
    • at 700kPa,  range of air consumption is 0.7 - 1.5 Nm3/hour
  • Pump suction up to -58 kPa (17” Hg)




  • ‘ZW', when installed correctly, means no water in product storage tank!
  • Pump can be coiled at surface or in the well vault allowing operation where product-water interface is very shallow. Pump can also be connected to the skimmer with a flexible line and positioned at a distance from the well head
  • Pump can operate dry without any detrimental effects
  • Quick and precise positioning of skimmer intake without needing an interface probe!
  • Simple design. Reliable and robust in field conditions


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Item No.



F.A.P. PLUS™ PUMP ZW (pump & filter regulator)


F.A.P. PLUS™ PUMP ZW (pump & filter regulator)
with adjustable cycling


Skimmer Assembly Standard, 950mm Travel, minimum 610mm water column below product


Skimmer Assembly Short, 550mm Travel, minimum 550mm water column below product

TR-762, 4, 6, 8

Clinchers for well diameters: 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″


Tank-Full Shut-Off device (for up to 6 pumps)

Other Requirements are:

·         air supply (compressor of gas bottles)

·         product recovery tank

·         hoses and tubing for air and liquid lines



Manufacturer / Principal

F.A.P. Plus Pump ZW (top) and Skimmer
F.A.P. Plus Pump ZW (top) and Skimmer
Well Clincher (4 inch) for FAP Pumps
Well Clincher (4 inch) for FAP Pumps
Tank-Full Shut-Off Device
Tank-Full Shut-Off Device
F.A.P. Plus Typical Installation
F.A.P. Plus Typical Installation