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Pump on Demand (P.O.D.) Skimmer
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Active recovery of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) in 50mm or larger diameter wells, where low recharge is expected and low air consumption is important.


Features and Specifications


  • Two models - each use an auto compensating skimmer with over 1 meter travel:
    • TR-610 for light-end hydrocarbons (eg., petrol or un-degraded diesel) for 50mm or larger diameter wells. Product intake elements (bypass and hydrophobic) are positioned within the LNAPL layer by a density float. Product is removed to a sheen. A water column of 1.3 meters is needed below the product.
    • TR-611 for heavier hydrocarbons (eg., degraded diesel or oils), suitable for 100mm or larger diameter wells. LNAPL intake is through a screen in the centre of the density float. Product is removed to a thickness of 6-12 mm but field adjustments can be made to achieve thinner layer if necessary. A water column of 1.0 meters is needed below the product.
  • If using CO2 gas bottles no filter is necessary. For air compressor systems a particulate filter (40 micron) is needed but dry air is not required.
  • Operating air pressure guide: 11 kPa per meter of head ( 0.5 psi per foot). Maximum 550 kPa (80 psi).
  • Performance guide:  at operating of 30psi (210 kPa):
    • 10kg CO2 gas (5.5 Nm3) can recovery over 2,000 L product
      This data is a guide only. Several factors influence actual performance
  • Volume of product discharge per cycle is 120-140 ml. Measurement of cycle volume for individual systems should be averaged with the pulse counter over say 20 cycles.
  • Tubing: air supply ¼″ OD poly; air exhaust 3/16″ OD poly ; product discharge 3/8″ OD Nylon.
  • Effective travel 950 mm
  • Optional Tank-Full Shut-Off device for product storage vessel - all pneumatic - shuts of air to the pump when product tank fills. A single overfill device can be used for multiple pumps.
  • Optional Drum Connector enables a tight seal for the product discharge tube into the storage drum whilst breathing displaced air from the drum as it fills.




Minimising air consumption is a significant advantage in using the POD Pump. Several related advantages are:


  • The pump can be efficiently powered with either a solar powered compressor or CO2 gas bottles.  
  • Ideal for remote locations with power limitations
  • When powered with CO2 gas bottles there are no noise concerns, no freezing concerns and minimal footprint is required
  • Performance is easily measured in terms of air consumed per volume of product recovered
  • Individual well recovery can be recorded with a pulse counter plunbed into the liquids discharge line.


Ordering Information



Item No.



POD Skimmer System (pump, skimmer, counter)


POD High Viscosity Skimmer System (pump, skimmer, counter)


Filter Regulator (for use with compressor air)

TR-620 / 621

Well Seal Assembly 2″ / 4″ for POD pump


Tank-Full Shut-Off device


POD Drum Connector

Other Requirements are:

  • air supply (compressor of gas bottles),
  • product recovery tank,
  • hoses and tubing for air and liquid lines


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Field application of POD Skimmer System using CO2 gas
Field application of POD Skimmer System using CO2 gas