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Passive Skimmer
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Passive skimming and recovery of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL).

Useful where minimal product is present or slow well recharge is expected


Features and Specifications


  • Recovers a wide range of product types through 50mm or larger wells
  • Product is gravity drained from the skimmer to the cannister
  • Standard intake elements are designed for use with common fuels such as petrol, jet fuel and un-degraded diesel. For product with higher viscosity than un-degraded diesel, a high viscosity skimmer is available.
  • Shorter models are available for shallow well applications.
    Minimum distance from product-water interface to the bottom of well is important for successful recovery, as tabled below:


 System Size

Minimum water column required under product


Single Cannister only

Plus Extension Cannister

2″ system

1.35 m

1.81 m

4″ system

1.12 m

1.54 m





  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be upgraded to an Active Product Recovery system by addition of: FAP Plus™ ZW Pump, two brass fittings, suspension cable, well clincher (optional), Tank-Full Shut-Off Device (optional)


Ordering Information


Item No.




2″ Passive Skimmer Kit - Includes:

Skimmer, Cannister 490ml capacity, length 610mm

Well cap

Suspension chord, nylon (30 meters)


2″ Extension Cannister, 375ml capacity, length 460mm


4″ Passive Skimmer Kit - same as 2″ model but larger. Cannister, 1.7Lcapacity, length 380mm


4″ Passive Skimmer Kit – (High Viscosity)


4″ Extension Cannister, 1.95L capacity, length 420mm



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Passive Skimming Kit
Passive Skimming Kit