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LNAPL 'Smart Skimmer'
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Active recovery of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL)

from 50mm or larger diameter wells, trenches or standpipes

All pneumatic pump, piston operation, variable speed


Features and Specifications


  • Variety of models designed to recover LNAPLs of all types and viscosities:
    • 'Economy Smart Skimmer' for light end LNAPL
    • 'High Performance Smart Skimmer' for chemical resistance and heavy end LNAPLs
  • Skimmers suitable for 50mm wells and 100mm wells or larger
  • Free phase hydrocarbon intake through hydrophobic element and bypass port
  • No contact between compressed air and recovered product
  • Above ground controller:
    • with shut off switch for product tank.  Optional second redundant switch on separate direct wiring
    • regulation of pumping periods to control recovery rate and match recharge of product into the well.  Avoid the 'water donut effect'
    • option for 'tidal control' - alignment of skimming activity with tidal variations in water depth, using a programmable controller and water level sensing


Skimmer travel:                


Standard travel models 0.6 meters

Extended travel models 1.5m 

Recovery Rate:                


2” Smart Skimmer, up to 45 Litres per hour

4” Smart Skimmer, up to 95 Litres per hour

Operating Pressure:

Up to 125 psi


Air Consumption:     



Maximum to 0.5 CFM (0.85 m3/hr) when operated at 125 psi and 60 strokes/min. 
Typically actual air consumption is lower

Air Quality:

Must be dry and clean, 5-10 micron filter.
Recommend refrigerated drier and oil coalescing filter




  • Controllers for single well or multiple wells (up to 8 pumps or 16 pumps)
  • Power supply to controller 12V battery/solar or AC.
  • Extended travel for sites with wide fluctuation in depth of water table
  • Remote solar stations, complete with solar powered controller, compressor, drier, manifold.



Ordering Information


Please contact us for recommendations based on your site requirements.  


Useful site information will include:

  • description and estimated age of free phase product (LNAPL)
  • site geology
  • product viscosity observations or data
  • depth to groundwater
  • apparent thickness of LNAPL and potential product recharge rate
  • water recharge rate (if considering drawdown to enhance skimming)
  • diameter and total depth of existing recovery wells, if present
Manufacturer / Principal

Economy Smart Skimmer, 50mm wells
Economy Smart Skimmer, 50mm wells
LNAPL 'Smart Skimmer, High Performance, 4 inch
LNAPL 'Smart Skimmer, High Performance, 4 inch
Controller 'Single Well'
Controller 'Single Well'