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Active recovery of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL)

from 50mm or larger diameter wells


All pneumatic pump, piston operation, variable speed, controllerless


Features and Specifications


  • Designed specifically to recover DNAPLS:
    • 2 inch Smart DNAPL Pump for low viscosity product
    • 4 inch Smart DNAPL Pump for high viscosity product (eg coal tars).
  • No contact between compressed air and recovered fluids.
  • Flow rate adjustment using pump speed, air pressure, and head pressure on fluids line.


Flow Rate:                


2” Smart Pump, up to 45 Litres per hour

4” Smart Pump, up to 225 Litres per hour


Operating Pressure:

Up to 125 psi


Air Consumption:     



Maximum to 0.5 CFM (0.85 m3/hr) when operated at 125 psi and 60 strokes/min.
Typically actual air consumption is lower.  Example:
7.5 m3 N-gas bottle can last 30 hours of pumping time where speed is 60 stroke/min and air pressure is 50 psi


Air Quality:

Must be dry and clean, 5-10 micron filter.
Recommend refrigerated drier and oil coalescing filter




  • Above ground controller can be used for:
    • shut off when product recovery tank is full
    • regulation of pumping periods to control recovery rate and match recharge of product into the well.  Avoid the ‘water donut effect’.
  • Power supply to controller 12V battery/solar or AC.
  • Heater finger for applying localised moderate heat in high viscosity applications.



Ordering Information


Please contact us for recommendations based on your site requirements.  


Useful site information will include:

  • type/name of contaminant(s) as free phase product (DNAPL) 
  • site geology
  • DNAPL depth below ground level, apparent thickness and potential recharge rate
  • product viscosity - observations or data
  • diameter and total depth of existing recovery wells, if present
Manufacturer / Principal

Smart DNAPL Pump 100mm wells
Smart DNAPL Pump 100mm wells
Smart DNAPL Pump 50mm wells
Smart DNAPL Pump 50mm wells
Controller (optional) for Multiple Pumps
Controller (optional) for Multiple Pumps