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Water level Indicator
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Measuring water level in wells and standpipes


Features and Specifications


  • Cable lengths from 30m to 150m, or custom lengths
  • Cable is round polyurethane coated
  • Probe 9.5mm diameter x 170mm long
  • Light and buzzer activated when probe contacts water
  • Powered by 9V battery
  • Tough, durable aluminium reel




  • Round, non-kinking cable enhances ease of handling and is not prone to catching and damage
  • Permanent laser markings on cable are high contrast inscriptions and are resistant to solvents — therefore, cannot be rubbed or washed off
  • Built-in sensitivity adjustment
  • Auto-off when not used


Ordering Information


Item No.

Description, Water Level Indicators (WLI)


WLI   30m,  small aluminium reel, handle


WLI   30m, large aluminium reel, stand


WLI   50m, aluminium reel, stand


WLI  100m,  aluminium reel, stand


WLI  150m, aluminium reel, stand



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Water Level Indicator (WLI)
Water Level Indicator (WLI)
Laser Marked Cable, Round
Laser Marked Cable, Round