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Passive Diffusion Sampler (PDS)
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No purge sampling of groundwater for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Diffusion type water samplers - low cost discrete interval sampling 


Features and Specifications


  • Ideal for long term monitoring or for vertical profiling
  • Standard samplers suitable for 50mm or larger wells and where there is a natural flow of groundwater passing through well screen.
  • Standard size 460mm long, 44mm diameter, 350ml sample. Other sizes available for smaller and larger wells or for larger sample volume
  • Suitable for sampling common light fraction VOCs.  Semi volatiles or metals do not easily diffuse.  Refer table below for suitability of passive diffusion samplers for common analytes 





  • Simple to use, low cost, low labour requirement
  • Enables vertical profiling of VOC concentrations
  • Suitable for the most common VOC’s in particular BTEX and chlorinated solvents
  • Useful if needing to remove interference from metals
  • Excellent for formations with low permeability
  • No need for purging. Minimal to no agitation effects. No need for filtration of samples


Ordering Information


Item No. Description (several other sizes available)
GSD-200 Passive Diffusion Sampler 1.75" x 18",  350mL (disposable)
GSD-310 Stainless Steel Hanger (reusable)
GSW-311 Stainless Steel Weight, Standard (reusable), 8oz / 225g
GSW-312 Stainless Steel Weight, X-Heavy (reusable), 20oz / 560g
GSD-307 Optional Fill Device (reusable)
FSC-128R Locking Cap 2" with split ring (lock not included)



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Passive diffusion sampler on hanger
Passive diffusion sampler on hanger
Discharging sampled water into vial
Discharging sampled water into vial