Site Characterization and Monitoring - Groundwater Sampling & Monitoring

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Groundwater sampler suitable for all contaminants

Passive, no-purge, one shot sample, disposable


Features and Specifications


  • Instant collection of a “core” of water from precisely defined discrete intervals
  • Vertical profiling for wells, surface water bodies or tanks, no blending of fluids from different zones
  • Short or long term monitoring
  • Best method for low yielding wells and wells with constricted access




  • Collection of samples at in-situ pressure with little or no aeration, agitation, degassing, or displacement
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • Minimal, if any, filtration requirement


Ordering Information


Item No. Description  (other sizes available)
GSH-110 Hydrasleeve 1.5″ OD x 30″, 600mL
GSH-130 Hydrasleeve 1.75" x 38",  1.3L
GSW-311 and GSH-300 Stainless Weight & Stainless Clip



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HydraSleeve Installation
HydraSleeve Installation
HydraSleeve Emptying/Collection
HydraSleeve Emptying/Collection